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Relationship Reading



Familial relationships, friendships, and romantic relationships are complex. When seeking insight into these intimate parts of our lives, astrology can be a helpful tool.

A relationship reading uses synastry to show how the birth charts of two people overlap and interact. It shows us how and why we connect or disconnect, the roles we play in each others' lives, and what we ultimately mean to each other. These readings can be sobering and enlightening reminders that the nature of a relationship isn't always obvious to those involved.

  • 4 - 5 page PDF report

  • Brief astrological analysis of each person

  • Compares natal charts, synastry chart, and composite chart

  • Includes sections explaining both attraction and obstacles in the relationship

  • Includes a brief horoscope for the relationship using current astrological transits


All relationship readings require a date, time, and place of birth for both individuals. Times should be exact to the minute whenever possible.

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