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Tarot Reading



Tarot readings are generally used for answering more specific concerns. What should my next career move be? How is my relationship going? What do I need to know for the future? These are the kinds of questions that a tarot reading can help answer.

The key to a good reading is to understand that the cards you see are archetypes that the reader puts together into a story. By telling you that story, key words will trigger your thoughts about your situation and help you to look at it in a new way. This new perspective prompts your mind to come up with new solutions, providing breakthroughs and peace of mind in times where you might feel lost or stuck.

For some of us it can feel like a message from a higher power, for others it's a little more like a Rorschach test.

  • 2 - 3 page PDF report

  • Images of each card pulled

  • Concise interpretations

  • Ask follow-up and clarification questions via email after you receive your reading

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