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Compatibility Guide

By Meredith Finnigan

This compatibility guide offers a brief description of how two sign archetypes interact. If you are interested in a more nuanced, detailed, and personal interpretation of your compatibility with someone, I also offer in-depth Relationship Readings.


  • Try comparing placements: Sun x Sun, Moon x Moon, etc

  • Same sign archetypes (ex. Scorpio x Scorpio) tend to have neutral chemistry because they share the same traits, habits, and priorities. This can be either comforting or irritating.

  • Neighboring sign archetypes (ex. Taurus x Gemini) tend to have neutral or negative chemistry because they have different approaches to a shared focus in life.

  • Sextile sign archetypes (Air/Fire, Earth/Water) tend to have positive chemistry because they are compatible elements and therefore have complimentary philosophies and priorities. They share a tension with the sign between them.

  • Square sign archetypes (Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable) tend to have negative chemistry because they occupy the same social role or niche, and tend to challenge and push each other. They have similar life strategies, just different priorities and execution.

  • Trine sign archetypes (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) tend to have positive chemistry because they share an element and can easily understand each other. However, this can become boring if they have nothing else to learn from each other.

  • Inconjunct/Quincunx sign archetypes (ex. Leo x Capricorn) tend to have positive or neutral chemistry, because despite having both incompatible elements and different modalities, they share an appreciation for a certain aspect of life and can learn a lot from each other. This connection is likely to struggle at first.

  • Opposite sign archetypes (ex. Virgo x Pisces) tend to have negative chemistry because they are the least likely to understand each other. They have the same intentions and desires, just executed in opposite ways. This tends to create frustration between them.

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