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By Meredith Finnigan

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Enhancing Quality of Life Through Astrology

My Background

I've studied astrology for 9 years and tarot for 3 years as a hobby, and found myself gaining the trust of an increasing number of friends, family members, and complete strangers because of my readings. With their help I've refined my skills to be able to offer my services more broadly, and hopefully to help a larger number of people with their astrological concerns.

My Vision

Astrology and tarot are tools that anyone can utilize to connect with themselves and others. By offering my interpretative skills I aim to help the people I read for with decision-making, personal development, and cultivating a greater sense of optimism. These tools can serve as the perfect third-party opinion to shed light on a situation, and that's what I aim to provide.


"Meredith has done numerous natal chart and tarot card readings for me in the past. I enjoy her readings so much that I have even gotten an over the phone tarot card session. I feel like I can trust myself and the universe even more because of her! She is a universe reader who truly puts my heart at ease"

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San Jose, CA

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